General Rules

  1. The Medium of instruction is english. However ,Scholar Academy emphasis on the learning of Hindi as compulsory subject for all the student as well.

  2. The Scholar Academy has a co-educatinal system. The seats in each class are limited and registration / admission to various classes is done on the basis of the candidates performance is the admission test and interview. For admission of a child to Scholar Academy nursery class a child should not be less than three years

  3. Admission/Entrance is compulsory.


Medical check-ups which are necessary for the child's physical devlopment, in case of any emergency the school has set up a well equipped infrmary. Healthy diet is also expected from parents for proper growth and health of the child.

Rules & Regulation

  1. Student will have to abide the rules and regulations of the school which will enable them to devlop their character, sence of responsibility and a high principle of living.

  2. It is compulsary for all students to attend the morning assembly. Late comers will not be allowed to attend the session of the day. The school gate will be closed as soon as the assembly bell rings.

  3. Absence at the begining and end of the session is strongly disapproval of admission of session without any prior notice.

  4. In case of absence are required to submit an application, duly signed by parents/gurdian to the class teacher/Principal.


  1. The Scholar Academy counseling adheres the philosophy of improvement, even in the troublesome child, through counseling, corrective measures and discourages any king of corporal punishment. Problematic child is treated through counseling and corporate punishment is discouraged.

  2. The members of the staff keep a keen eye behavior, manner and activities of each child. When they detect something unusual or disagreeing in a child they try to correct him through psychological ways. The Scholar Academy students are divided into four Houses to create a healthy competitive spirit and personality development, school also has a student team comprising the school captain, the vice-captain and one office bearer from each of the houses for the discipline among the students in the campus. In extreme cases the members of the above team report the matter to the Principal, or the Housemasters/House mistress or teachers.

Parents Teacher Meeting

The School organizes Parents-Teacher meet on second Saturday of every month to develop better interaction between them, so that we can work mutually for the betterment of their wards. Parents are requested to attend meetings compulsory with their wards.

Parents Teacher Meeting

  1. In case of withdrawal , the student is required to submit an application in the school office. Transfer Certificate will be issued only when all the school dues have been cleared.

  2. A weeks time is to given for the issuing of any certificate or document from the school.

  3. Students are required to collect their character certificate along with T.C. It will be not issued afterwards.

  4. The school reserve the right of the withdrawal of a student as a whole whose conduct is not satisfactory to the authorities of the school.