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  1. There will be four tests of 10% each in the months of May, July, November and January respectively.

  2. The two examination of 30% each will be held in the month of September and March respectively.

  3. The four tests and the two examination will be summed up for making the final results out of 100. To promoted to the next class a student requires minimum 40% in every subject.

  4. Rank will be given on the basis of marks obtained under above pattern. (No re-test will taken if a child fails to appear in any of tests of examination).

  5. As per school rules, a student must have 75% attendance to be eligible for the final examination.

  6. Strict action will be taken against the students using unfairs means during the examinations.

  7. Parents / Guardians are requested to examine the progress report of their ward and return it, duly signed to the class teacher within three days. Fine will be charged if the progress report damaged or lost.

  8. In case of illness student is required to submit a medical certificate along with application duly signed by parents.